Double Barrel takes aim at culture vultures, sucker mc’s, politicians and racism on their newest single, “But They All Just Wack.” Listen now.
But They All Just Wack is featured on the November 21 edition of The Graveyard Shift, hosted by Craig Mosher. Available now on Mixcloud.
Check out Double Barrel’s official music video for “But They All Just Wack.” Watch now
Double Barrel’s single, “But They All Just Wack” was featured on Episode 176 of Break North Radio. Listen on Mixcloud
Double Barrel’s EP, “Locked N’ Loaded” is available everywhere
Double Barrel is proud to be featured in Boom Bap Nation’s Artist Spotlight
Double Barrel’s new single, “Pump It Up” is available everywhere. Listen Now
Watch DB Behind the Beat: The Making of Pump It Up

“Double Barrel shoots off a project that has the same impact of a 12-gauge shottie … Locked N’ Loaded displays tremendous skillset.”

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Hub City and DJ M•ROK joined forces on a posse track featuring the legendary Kool G Rap. The Octagon is available everywhere! Listen Here

“This track is bananas, my G. Love it!”

Kool G Rap

The Octagon Maxi EP features 5 remixes and from DJ M•ROK and LMT Break. Available on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.
“No More Stress” was selected by 91.1 FM’s Jill Hopkins as one of her Top 5 Essential Tracks In Rotation for December 2019. See the writeup

“Dr. Dre and Ed Lover called and they want their vibe back. This is a party anthem.

– 91.1 FM Chicago on ‘No More Stress’ by Double Barrel

Double Barrel was honored to be featured on the “Double Trouble” radio show on 98.4 FM, Finland. Listen Now
Locked N’ Loaded cassettes are available in limited quantities. Each tape comes with 26 tracks, including instrumental, dub and acapella versions. Purchase here